Three month anniversary

I recently took a job which requires me to go into the office every day which is new for me as I haven’t commuted in years. It’s roughly 13 miles each way and takes about a half hour depending on traffic.

I’m happy to report I have been using my series as my daily driver for over three months now (sans any top) and couldn’t be happier.  In that period there were two or three days I didn’t drive it because it was raining when I was leaving, or the prediction of rain was near or at 100%. I got rained on a few times on the way home but don’t mind one bit! It seems to lose (I think primarily burn) about a quart of oil per tank of gas which seems a bit excessive but otherwise has been flawless.

It’s starting to cool down so I’ll probably put the hard top on in the next month or so, but plan to continue driving it over the winter, despite the horrible road salt they use here.

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