Lucky Eights

I took a picture today as the odometer click over to 88,888 as I thought the great Land Rover parts and accessory vendors, Lucky 8, might get a kick out of it. I then realized I haven’t posted lately.

88,888 miles
88,888 miles

Recently I replaced the brake shoes all around, replaced the front drums and had the rears turned, and also replaced the front wheel cylinders with 1.25″ ones since the current ones were only 1″. The rears were lucas and looked fine so I left them. I didn’t install the springs properly the first time and it took a few attempts to get it all right but I think I have it sorted now (although the fronts make some noise under light braking).

A few weeks ago I took the soft top off since I really like driving it without any top and I have the luxury of not needing to drive it in inclement weather. After removing the top I realized I didn’t take a single picture with it on.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Today I put on a new silicone valve cover gasket and adjusted the valves while I had the cover off. I saw some gunk at the bottom of the fuel pump sediment bowl so I cleaned that out.

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