Exhaust: 6 month review

I was reminded recently I had not made a post in a while, so here is a weak attempt at something constructive.  After 6 months the exhaust is still functioning nicely but after the winter salt on the roads you can barely tell this is a stainless exhaust. Yes apparently stainless steel rusts 🙂  I don’t have any pictures handy but will try to remember to update this sometime.

In other news, she’s been humming along nicely as my primary daily driver (not that I drive daily).  The brakes started to squeak and pulling the drums revealed my axle seals are leaking and the left front shoes are wearing pretty thin so she’ll be getting new brakes as soon as I finish up the brakes on the defenders.

Oh, and the starter failed 2 days ago so I now need to hand crank it to start.  I can see this getting old too, so I’ll be pulling the starter soon too 🙂

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