Some much needed TLC

I week or two ago decided to put the soft top on in anticipation of needing it for a potential trip to New York next month. Since I had never installed it I thought it would be wise to make sure I had everything, as well as knew how to fit it. Everything went smoothly, although I don’t have any pictures yet (I’ll add them here later).

Then my friend Pedro goaded me into buying a spin on oil adapater and since I had to change the oil I figured what the heck, and my friend Jason picked one up for me so I didn’t even have to order it myself :). That went smoothly as well, but I forgot to take pictures. Not much to see, but it looks like this.

Also my friend Dave recommended I try British Starters for an improved aftermarket starter when I mentioned mine had shorted again and I hadn’t gotten around to fixing it and hand cranking it was getting old.  The install was nice and easy other than having to remove a heat shield to access the top bold from above since the shape of the new starter made it really hard to get a socket back there.  I did have to make a short jumper wire to bypass the solenoid but that was easy. It works great with a few test starts and I highly recommend it. Again I was too excited when it came today to remember to take pictures, so I took a picture of the box afterwards. The second photo is a stock photo from their site, which is extremely accurate.

Lastly while using a magnetic pickup to coax a washer and lock washer onto the top starter stud, I noticed it stuck to the exhaust! Isn’t stainless supposed to not be magnetic?

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